What is discrimination and hate crime?

The protection against discrimination is a fundamental human right.Discrimination is illegal differential treatment. Discrimination means that a person has been treated less favourably due to his or her race, sex and ethnicity or other grounds of discrimination.

To be discriminated means that you cannot participate on equal terms with others, or do not have the same opportunities as everyone else in the society, e.g. at school or at work.

One can feel discriminated, without it being categorised as discrimination in a legal sense. It does not make the experience less severe, but means that it must be addressed in another way.

There exist four types of discrimination; direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment and instruction.

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Hate crimes are offences that are motivated by hate or by bias against a particular group of people. This could be based, inter alia, on gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, age or disability etc.

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